Cuyler Diggs, First Warning Weather Meteorologist

Cuyler Diggs



Cuyler has been forecasting the weather in southern Arizona since 2003. He has experience forecasting and covering all kinds of weather since becoming a weather anchor in 1996.

After starting as a weather intern at KUSA in Denver, he took his first job in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Being in 'tornado alley' was exciting and educating! After that, Cheyenne, Wyoming came calling. The challenges of forecasting the weather for southeastern Wyoming were endless. From wind, to hail, to blizzards, Wyoming pretty much sees it all when it comes to weather.

The weather is what finally brought Cuyler to Arizona, where forecasting the weather isn't as easy as it may seem. The monsoon is always fun to witness and is always challenging to predict. He never tires of seeing the fantastic lightning displays that accompany the thunderstorms as they cross the desert, nor the beautiful sunsets that paint the Arizona skies.

Cuyler earned the National Weather Association Broadcasting Seal of Approval in December of 2001 and remains a member of the National Weather Association.

Cuyler and his wife, Maggie, moved to Tucson in May of 2003. Both are natives of Colorado. Cuyler was raised in Arvada, Colorado and learned to appreciate the many varieties of weather that the Front Range had to offer. He and Maggie have a son, Wyatt (named after Wyatt Earp of Tombstone fame). Wyatt was born right here in Tucson in 2005.

Cuyler and his family appreciate the beautiful weather of southern Arizona and like to spend as much time as possible outside. Gardening and landscaping are favorite hobbies, along with watching football.

They are a football family ... in fact they love football and their favorite team is the Denver Broncos.

Getting To Know Cuyler Diggs


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