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KGUN 9 mug shot policy

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TUCSON, Ariz. — KGUN 9 has made a commitment to reducing the use of mug shots in our reporting across all our platforms.

An arrest is not a criminal conviction. However, when we publish a person's mug shot following their arrest, that person may be convicted in the court of public opinion. Public response can last long after legal proceedings end, particularly on digital platforms through search engines and social media.

In addition, these images can be prejudicial and discriminatory, disproportionately impacting some communities more than others.

The Policy

KGUN 9 will only publish mug shots in the following circumstances:

  • The person police suspect of a crime is still at large and may be a danger to the public.
  • Police have arrested a suspect, but officials believe there could be additional victims. It is important to show the public what this person looks like so others may determine if they have been a victim of the same person.
  • The person is a well-known public figure.

There may be additional situations where we use a mug shot. All such usage will be discussed by newsroom leadership.

We believe that limiting the use of mug shots is ethical and responsible without harming our commitment to accurate journalism.

KGUN 9 remains committed to serving the public with meaningful, fair, and accurate reporting.

As always, please feel free to send me your feedback or questions.

Leeza Glazier Starks is the News Director at KGUN 9. Contact her at leeza.starks@kgun9.com.

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