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STATION MAILING ADDRESS: KGUN/KWBA, 7280 E. Rosewood St. Tucson, AZ 85710

HOURS OF VISITATION: 9:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday - Friday (By Appointment Only)

STATION SWITCHBOARD: MAIN: 520-722-5486 | FAX: 520-733-7050

NEWS DEPARTMENT: news@kgun9.com | MAIN: 520-290-7700 | FAX: 520-298-6363


GET HELP FROM KGUN 9 ON YOUR SIDE: Voicemail Line: 520-290-7726 | Email: news@kgun9.com | Visit our You Ask, We Investigate Online Resource

NEWS DIRECTOR: Leeza Starks | 520-290-7710 | leeza.starks@kgun9.com

TO PURCHASE ADVERTISING: Lee Sisk | 520.290.7704 | lee.sisk@kgun9.com
In the performance of all E.W. Scripps advertising agreements, E.W. Scripps requires that each party not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity.

TO PRODUCE A COMMERCIAL: Steve Swinehart, Commercial Producer | 520.290-7662 | steve.swinehart@kgun9.com

Public File Assistance Contact for Persons with Disabilities: Tregg White, Vice President & General Manager | (520) 290-7607 | tregg.white@kgun9.com

About Closed Captioning: For immediate closed captioning concerns (e.g., captioning that has become garbled) please contact us at 520-722-5486, or cc@kgun9.com. Please send written closed captioning concerns of a non-immediate nature to Derek Batterham, Master Control Supervisor, 520-290-7618, 7280 E. Rosewood St., Tucson AZ, 85710 or e-mail to derek.batterham@scripps.com.

About The KGUN DTV Education Report: KGUN-TV's Quarterly children's television programming reports (FCC FORM 398) are available for public inspection during regular business hours at 7280 E. Rosewood Street, Tucson, Arizona, 85710, or may be obtained from the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554.