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Kenny Darr



Kenny Darr joined KGUN as a reporter in January 2023. Before arriving in Arizona he was an Anchor and Reporter at KADN in Lafayette, LA. He co-anchored the 4-hour morning show, News 15 Today.

Kenny was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but later moved to Louisiana. The oldest of three children, Kenny spent many afternoons watching the local 5 and 6 o'clock newscasts and the 5:30 national newscast with his mother and step-father. While introverted by nature, he always had the ability to take thoughts and tell an engaging story.

He graduated from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, receiving a degree in Criminal Justice in 2016 and a second degree in Broadcasting in 2020. During his time back in school, he was the sole anchor in his junior-level reporting class, as well as the sports anchor in the senior level equivalent. Kenny was also a member of the student-run media organization, RaginTV. As a member, he served as a reporter and the co-host of the sports debate show, The Playbook.

When Kenny is not telling stories, he is watching documentaries, listening to podcasts and music. He also loves to write poetry and discuss the world of hip-hop culture.

His number one goal is to make it to New York City as an anchor or lifestyle host one day.

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