Anne Simmons


Digital Executive Producer

Born and raised in Tucson, Anne got an early start in television as a teleprompter operator while studying at the University of Arizona. Hooked on the thrill of live shows and bright lights, she immediately changed her field of study and graduated with a degree in journalism and political science.

Her career and life pursuits took her to San Francisco, where she found experience running camera at baseball games, directing televised government meetings and continuing her studies of broadcast and electronic communications at San Francisco State University. She eventually landed the dream job of managing SF Public Access TV, where her love of production collided with her interests in locally-made media, educational programming and civic participation.

Though the big city is hard to beat, nothing can compete with Southern Arizona: Anne decided to return home in 2022 to build a life in the Sonoran Desert. In her spare time, she is an amateur geographer, cartographer and natural science enthusiast.

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