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Board of Regents set to amend Sean Miller's contract

Posted at 8:13 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 01:34:36-04

Arizona Basketball head coach Sean Miller has one million reasons not to be criminally charged.

Miller's amended contract goes before the Arizona Board of Regents this weekend. It states he will have to forfeit a number of Andeavor Logistic stock equal to one million dollars if he is criminally charged, or if he is found to have committed a Level 1 NCAA violation. Andeavor Logistic is a Master Limited Partnership where Miller's retention bonus is vested. 

These changes come following a tumultuous season for the Wildcats that saw assistant coach Book Richardson be arrested by the FBI for a number of crimes including bribery. Additionally, an ESPN report claimed Miller discussed paying DeAndre Ayton to attend Arizona.

Miller makes approximately $2.6 million dollars each season prior to performance bonuses. He also is compensated in ANDX stock that is vested at different times. It is currently worth approximately $4 million dollars.

The University of Arizona is asking the Board of Regents to make the one million dollar amendment. Miller's contract runs through May 31, 2022. It is not expected to be extended this week.