Marana Parks and Recreation Director says Splash Pads have been open for months without any issues

Posted at 5:51 PM, Aug 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-25 20:51:26-04

MARANA, Ariz. — While many cities in Arizona are only starting to loosen restrictions on some public amenities, the Town of Marana has had playgrounds and splash pads open for months.

“I’m glad this one is open and we can come and enjoy it,” said Grandmother Denise Warden. She says this this splash pad in Marana is one of the few places she can take her grandson for some fun in the sun.

“We kind of look online to see the busy time or not so busy time of day and we'll come out and play, but still keep our distance stay safe but still have fun.”

While many municipalities have kept amenities closed, Marana has had two splash pads open since early June. Playgrounds since May 15th.

"Now that we are months into this we've just had no issues at all,” said Parks and Recreation Director Jim Conroy.

Conroy says they've had no reports of anyone catching COVID-19 at those facilities. He says people seem to respect the signs about social distancing and going home if you're sick. The splash pads are open from 8 to 7 to avoid crowding with a break midday for cleaning. The water has been treated to protect agains bacteria and viruses.

“I'd never criticize another jurisdiction. Every environment is different, and facilities are built differently the way they are designed. You really have to make decisions that will work best for your particular property,” said Conroy.

For the people we talked to in Marana, It seems to be working well.

“He can run and play and stay cool and not have to sit in the house and be bored while mom and dad work from home and get the wiggles out.,” said Warden.