Federal and State freeze on evictions

What renters need to know
Posted at 11:27 AM, May 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-04 12:24:36-04

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the lives of millions of Americans causing layoffs and medical issues there are measures in place to help. There have been a lot of questions aboutthe CARES Act and Governor Doug Ducey's executive order delaying evictions for Arizonans.

KGUN 9 found out from experts that there are still some evictions happening, but it depends on the situation. In late March, the Federal Government and Governor Doug Ducey issued orders to delay evictions to help residential renters who can't pay. Commercial renters and non-profits are also part of the mix. Steve Huffman with the Tucson Association of Realtors says renters should know the guidelines when it comes to the freeze on evictions.

“The courts and constables are not issuing any eviction notices after March 23rd. No courts in Arizona are processing evictions that happened after that date for the next 120 days. The governors order and Federal CARES Act do not say you don’t have to pay rent. You are still legally obligated to pay our rent. It's just temporarily paused the eviction process," Huffman said.

One big question is who can be evicted during the 120 day order? According to Huffman evictions prior to the order and criminal activity can get you evicted. He also says once the order ends owners have to give renters an extra 30 days to vacate as they go through the eviction process. Landlords are also feeling the loss of income, Huffman says its still a good idea to try and negotiate with your landlord and seek out assistance from the Arizona Department of Housing.

“Some of them may have started before the May 23RD and 27TH when the executive orders were put into place. There may be evictions because of violations drugs or domestic violence crime something like that. You have retired people who have those rental properties is their only source of income,” Huffman said

The bottom line is if you don't pay the rent now, you will eventually have to or get evicted after July 23rd and possibly face a judgement on your credit report.
“When that temporary pause is over if you have not paid your rent, they will go through the normal eviction process. So, if people are saying you don’t have to pay rent that is absolutely not true," Huffman said.