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Tested at Center for COVID Control? How to remove your personal info from their database

Investigations spark new questions about personal data collection
COVID testing site
Posted at 9:59 PM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 00:18:19-05

TUCSON, Ariz.(KGUN) — The Center for COVID Control testing site on East Speedway Boulevard in Tucson was shut down last month after accusations of bad testing practices surfaced at some of its 300 locations nationwide. Plans to reopen on January 22nd were put on what the company is calling an extended pause.

Sabrina Del Campo says she worked at the Tucson site for 2 months and resigned because she was worried about company policies. KGUN 9 reached out to the Center for COVID Control about the allegations the company is facing but so far there’s no response.

"I just thought oh COVID screener it was too good to be true and look at the situation we’re in now. We didn’t do anything wrong, but the company did so my advice to everybody is no matter what job it is do your research,” Del Campo said.

New details about lawsuits and a federal investigation start to emerge and so are questions about the company collecting more than just test samples. Some who sent complaints to the Better Business Bureau are wondering what happened to the personal information collected while using the service.

Denisse Alvarez with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona says they are receiving complaints about the testing site. She also says it’s a good idea to keep a list of who you allow to have your personal information.

"What we heard the most is that they took a picture of their identification, their driver's license. So that provides them with your address, your date of birth and so the recommendation is to contact the Federal Trade Commission and get the identity theft kit,” Alvarez said.

KGUN 9 also went to the Center for COVID Control website and checked out its data collection policy and found out if you use the company app they automatically keep the medical information you provide. They can potentially store other data from your phone including your IP address, cell number, pictures, video clips, personal contacts and more.

"Right now, they have an F rating, they are being investigated by multiple BBB’s,” Alvarez said.

If you still have the app and don't want your information stored remove it immediately and send an email to to have your information dropped from the company database.

"As consumers we have rights, and you shouldn’t feel the need to share information just because they asked for it. You can always just say no I don’t feel comfortable sharing that with you,” Alvarez said.