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'We're doing alright': Bee incident near La Cañada and River leaves 8 injured, 2 hospitalized

Northwest Fire bee incident
Posted at 4:55 PM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 20:36:39-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Fir crews responded to abee incident Monday night where eight were stung and two people went to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

For Tyrell Rush and his family, it was a regular Monday evening when the swarm of bees erupted from underneath their shed near their carport. The swarm overwhelmed their friend's car with their baby strapped inside the carseat.

"My mom was just hanging out some laundry and all of a sudden we heard 'Help, help call 911'," he said. "There was a baby in the car so we run to the car and the baby was just covered in bees."

Rush said he and his cousin ran into the swarm to rescue the baby.

"We tried to get the bees off as quick as we could and tried picking out the stingers," he said.

While 911 was being called, Rush and his cousin brought the baby inside so they could escape the bees. He said he doesn't know what disturbed the bees enough to swarm the car.

"We’ve tried to get rid of it but over the years it just kept coming back,” he said.

Rush said everyone is recovering so far.

"I heard the baby is pulling through and my cousin and I got minor stings but we’re alright,” he said.

Northwest Fire, Tucson Fire and Golder Ranch Fire District responded to the scene and put Class A foam over the bees. Assistant Fire Chief for Northwest Fire Scott Hamblen said

“We got the foam into the water lines that we use to put out fires," he said. "It’s this combination of water and foam that is effective in suppressing the bees."

He said during this time of the year, it's normal for people to see one or two bees. But a swarm of bees that attacks eight people is rare, he said. He encourages everyone that encounters a few bees should walk away slowly. If there is a swarm of bees, Hamblen said people should run in a straight line to a vehicle or home.