Suns gear selling out fast at Tucson sports store

Phoenix Suns gear is selling out fast at a Tucson sports store.
Posted at 6:49 AM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-08 10:29:08-04

"They're going to win it all. I feel really good about it," said Phoenix Suns Fan Rick Aden. While the Suns are winning, Overtime Sports is also seeing its own winning streak.

"The Suns have definitely sparked sales as far as t-shirts, jerseys, different banners. Everything like that since they've made the playoffs," said store owner Matthew Mortenson.

It's safe to say sales are a slam dunk. "For Suns stuff I'd definitely say it's probably gone up 5 times from what it was even last year," said Mortenson.

And items are selling out fast. "I'm currently out of decals, lanyards. I only have a few things left. I've been trying to get stuff in but it's been going very very quickly. People just want to have it on their cars. You know some kind of experience," said Mortenson.

Suns fans have been waiting nearly three decades for this moment, bringing back memories . "They always bring back the last time they were there. Oh I haven't seen the Suns since Barkley in 93 when they lost to the Bulls," said Mortenson.

Aden was there for that moment 28 years ago "It's similar to what we felt in 93. I was at game 6 in 93 when we played the Bulls. So, we're getting there," said Aden.

Still a Suns fan no matter what, Aden is making sure to show his support in the Old Pueblo. "I just bought some car flags out there on my truck right now. We're pretty excited. it's been a long time," added Aden.

Maybe his t-shirt will bring the team some good luck. "I've worn this for every game since the beginning of the playoffs," said Aden.

Now with the finals underway, the question is, what is it going to be?

"I think they're going to do great. I think suns in 6," said Aden. "Suns in 7. Take it home. Last game in 7," predicted Mortenson.

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