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Stepdad takes stand in his murder trial

Joshua Lelevier charged with killing 13-year-old
Posted at 11:38 AM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 22:31:44-05


Joshua Lelevier took the stand late Friday morning in his murder trial. He is accused of killing his 13-year-old stepdaughter Jayden Glomb.

Her body was found in a field near her home.  She had been strangled. 

Surveillance cameras placed in the house led to intimate pictures of the young girl in her bathroom. Prosecutors have presented evidence that the teen was aware her stepfather was taking pictures of her undressed. 


It was a risky move for his attorneys to put him on the stand because besides friendly questions from his defense team, he's exposed to hostile questions from prosecutors.

Under questioning by his attorney, Lelevier said he installed the cameras not to catch nude pictures, but to catch proof of her drinking .

"The one video that I did watch had Jayden in the bathroom., Lelevier said. "She was not drinking. She messed around at sink for a little bit and eventually she did take her clothes off.  At that point I realized that was not something I wanted to watch and I shut if off."       

Lelevier said police told him to share any detail in case it might be important.

Prosecutor Jonathan Mosher pressed Lelevier on why he never told police about his suspicions Jayden Glomb was drinking, or that he had installed cameras to catch her.       

Lelevier claimed someone tried to strangle him a few days after his stepdaughter was found strangled to death. Mosher asked why Lelevier carried a knife to protect himself but took no steps to protect his wife Jessica,

"What did you do to make sure Jessica was protected?" Mosher asked.  

Lelevier: "I did nothing."  

Mosher: "You're weren't concerned about a killer on the loose?"

Closing arguments in the case may happen Tuesday.  Then it will go to the jury.



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