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Bicyclists stress safety on roads ahead of El Tour 2018

Posted at 4:54 AM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 11:34:49-05

Bicyclists from all around will be coming together Saturday for the 36th annual El Tour de Tucson.

Despite the event, Tucson is already well known for being bike friendly and bike dense. 

For drivers on the road, however, bicyclists can be a cause of stress. Dennis Kruse, an avid biker, said clearing up rules bicyclists have to follow could help relieve problems that arise. 

Kruse said the biggest takeaway for both drivers and bicyclists is when they are on the road, they are treated equally. 

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"Cars can be like bicyclists, drivers can be a little bit unpredictable so this is one thing that we as bicyclists need to remember -- that when we are riding on the highways or the roads, city streets, we assume all the same rights as a car driver," Kruse said. 

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When it comes to riding on the road, Kruse said, there is a specific place bicyclists should remain. 

"So when a bicyclist is riding on the streets or on the roads, if there is a designated bike lane we do need to be in there because that is considered our space," said Kruse. 

However, if there is no bike lane, then the three furthest feet to the right in a lane belong to the bicyclist. At that point, drivers and bicyclists are forced to share the road. 

Besides that, cyclists must follow all of the same rules of the road drivers follow. They must ride at or below the speed limit, travel in the same direction as traffic and even stop at stop signs and traffic signals. 

The only time these events don't apply is when there is an event like El Tour de Tucson. During El Tour, street closures are put in place to protect the safety of bicyclists.

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Perimeter Bicycling puts on the event annually, you can find more information here