Wind and heat create red flag warning for tomorrow

Posted at 6:58 PM, May 19, 2024

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — It was a hot and windy day all across Southern Arizona!

Tucson saw a high of about 96 degrees while Ajo got as high as 98 degrees, just shy of 100.

The wind is coming into Tucson from the Great Basin, mostly in Nevada. It’s going to stick in Southern Arizona tomorrow and will mostly kick up in the afternoon. It is also possible that we will be getting thunderstorms tomorrow, but they will be dry if we see them.

Tomorrow the lows in Tucson will stick to the mid sixties and our high will be 95 degrees. The western part of Southern Arizona such as Ajo and Organ Pipe will see the lower to mid sixties for the lows tomorrow.

Tomorrow Cochise County’s lows are going to stick to the lower to upper fifties with the exception of Willcox, which will see the upper forties.

The wind is also going to be a factor in the weather tomorrow and today we saw wind gusts in Willcox of up to 33 miles per hour.

Tomorrow from the morning until night we will see a red flag warning from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. This is because the heat and the wind are going to create conditions that are gong to make it easier for fires to start. If you’re using fire tomorrow, make sure to use it responsibly!

This is going to affect cities in our area such as Willcox, Benson, Bisbee, Safford, and others.

The rest of the week in Tucson we will be seeing the mid to lower nineties. Sierra Vista is going to see the high and lower eighties throughout the week. Both cities’ weather will be consistent throughout the week.