Tucson weather includes more rain but it’s not lasting long

Posted at 6:06 PM, Jul 30, 2023

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — We might have gotten some rain this week, but that doesn’t mean the highs have gone below triple digits!

Hopefully you brought out some sunscreen today because we got to a high of about 105 degrees in Tucson.

Some places in the Tucson metro area barely escaped the triple digits, but places like Avra Valley hit that high of 105 degrees.

However, in some places in Cochise County, we saw a lot of those upper nineties.

Luckily the Tucson metro area saw some cloud coverage that you could see above the Catalinas and especially on Mount Bigelow.

Rain came down from Northern Arizona and hit some areas of Southern Arizona not too long ago. The East Side of Tucson even got a few sprinkles!

We're only going to be seeing that rain until tomorrow and it'll mostly be gone by Tuesday. That's what's really helping our temperatures cool down to about 89 degrees when we hit 9 P.M. in Tucson. In the early morning hours we will be hitting 74 degrees.

However, tomorrow we're going to be getting up to 99 degrees in Tucson. Not quite the triple digits, but after tomorrow the temperature is going to just keep going up from there. Tomorrow is when we're going to see some thunderstorms in Southern Arizona, so don't forget your umbrellas.

In Sierra Vista it's going to heat up after tomorrow, reaching 99 on both days of next weekend.