Safford watches for Gila River flooding

Downstream of Duncan where floods hit hard
Posted at 6:19 PM, Aug 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-22 21:19:17-04

SAFFORD, Ariz. (KGUN) — While the town of Duncan struggles with terrible floods, Safford, downstream on the Gila River watched for trouble to flow its way.

Graham County Emergency Management watches water flows from official measurement stations, but also uses the Solomon Bridge as a reference. If water comes close to the bridge, that means enough water’s coming through to cause trouble.

As of mid afternoon forecasts called for the chance of water out of the banks, but probably not threatening people and homes.

Collin Fanning with Graham County Emergency Management said, “We don't see any structures that would need to be evacuated. What we're preparing for right now is some damage to crops and agriculture.”

At Curtis Country Store they said they have not had a lot of people coming in to prepare for this latest water flow but customers like Alton Good have lived in Graham County for many years and know it always pays to know what the weather is up to.

“This weather is real, I mean, people it's sad that you know, people do get caught up in it and they're, whether they're uneducated or not watching the, you know, the weather or listen to their loved ones or whatever, but yeah, it's, it's it can get it get bad.”

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