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Tucson International Academy: Making College Come True

Posted at 11:52 AM, Dec 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-06 13:52:39-05

The myth is that a college degree is expensive. The fact is that not having a college degree is expensive. Over a lifetime, a college graduate typically earns a million dollars more than a high school graduate. Education is the key that opens many doors. Dr. Jennifer Herrera (or “Dr. J”) is the founder of four charter schools, Tucson International Academies, and the creator of the “Making College Come True” system. For the past ten years, 100% of her students have been accepted into college.

A popular speaker, Dr. J travels the globe to train educators and others. She is frequently featured on radio and TV spreading her message of hope and empowerment through education. Many people have no clue that they can get into college—even if:
• they have a low grade point average (GPA)
• they don’t have the money to pay for it
• no one in their family has gone to college before
• English is not their first language
• they’re not a US citizen It's not their fault—no one has taken the time to explain the truth. Until now.

Dr. Jennifer Herrera reveals her proven system for “Making College Come True” and ten keys that you can use right away to set yourself—or your student—up for success. Principal, Mrs. Valerie Enriquez, also joins her.

From TucsonInternationalAcademy.com:

Our Mission Statement:Tucson International Academy is a team based learning community that prepares students for a global society through:

  • Foreign language programs
  • Use of Technology
  • Academic achievement and the pursuit of higher education
  • Cultural understanding and community involvement

…Inspired by love, respect and responsibility.
Values: Team, Trust, Creativity, Organization, Discipline…

Excellence, Respect, Love, Responsibility, Community