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TECH TUESDAY: Apple reveals the future of the Macintosh

Posted at 2:18 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 16:21:02-05

TUCSON, Ariz. — Welcome to Tech Tuesday, where each week I break down the hottest news in the world of science and technology -- and this time we’re starting with a major success in the world of fast transportation.

On Sunday evening, the Virgin Hyperloop achieved its very first test with passengers aboard. Two people were fired through the 500-meter vacuum tube at 107 miles per hour. Once fully developed, the pod will reach a max speed of 600 miles per hour, eventually connecting cities all over the world. It’s predicted that the system could be certified by 2025, an advancement that would revolutionize the travel industry.

Another month, another Apple event... and this time it’s focused on the company’s line of personal computers. For 15 years, Apple has used processors made by Intel in their laptops and desktops – but their announcement Tuesday will mark the first computers to use their own chips. All their mobile devices including the iPhone and the iPad already have custom Apple silicon in them, allowing for better power management and faster speeds. Not only will this change make their computers run cooler and faster, but may actually translate to lower prices for customers – since more of the components are made in house.

Finally -- forget what you know about robots… and meet the robo-beetle. This tiny bot isn’t powered by a battery, but instead a micro-muscle that’s fueled by methanol, the same fluid used in gasoline and antifreeze. The beetle weighs as much as three grains of rice and can carry almost three times its weight, for over an hour. Researchers see a bright future for this type of robotic; specifically to assist in search and rescue missions, crawling through tight spaces or even fluttering like a butterfly.