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Meet the cast of Teen Mom: Young Mom’s Club

Posted at 9:05 AM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 12:05:24-04

The group formerly known as the Pretty Little Mamas is back, and now part of MTV’s beloved Teen Mom family in Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. The series follows six young mothers (Chandler, Nikki, Nicole, Alyssa, Cheyenne and new cast member Heather) as they navigate their friendships and relationships in San Diego.

The show is the first of the franchise that will follow moms who are part of an existing group of friends living in the same city — they grew up together and lean on each other through the ups and downs of life as young mothers.

Ahead of giving birth to her second child, 24-year-old Heather, the newest cast member, is ordered to bed rest. She’s forced to put her dreams of becoming a “mommy mogul” in the beauty industry on hold until after the baby is born and is looking to lean on her friends.

Twenty-four-year-old Nikki is trying to make it as a model and keep her boyfriend, Ryan, happy. She wants to show daughter Alaia it’s important to follow her dreams, but her boyfriend thinks she should stay home with Alaia. Throughout the season, she feels like needs her friends’ support more than ever.