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Does your kid misbehave? The potential cause will shock you

Posted at 3:10 PM, Nov 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-28 17:10:44-05

Dr. Amy Thomas with Arizona Vision Therapy Center offers a unique twist to what might be causing your youngster to act out or misbehave:

"Many children are very bright, yet have challenges that are hidden to teachers and parents. It’s frustrating for the kids too because they don’t know what they’re experiencing isn’t the way their eyes should be functioning to read and process information, or play sports. Their hand eye coordination can also make some kids seem clumsy, and it’s just the way their brains are visually processing information in front of them.

If parents read with their children and see them skipping words or they lose their place frequently, or have a short attention span when trying to read – those are signs to pay attention to. Other signs to look for are if their child writes up or downhill on paper, writes letters backwards or mis-aligns digits when doing math.

Another common thing is for some kids with vision processing issues to have what can be called the ‘come aparts.’ They sometimes work hard to hold it together in school, and as soon as they’re home they come apart. They may be stressed at having to read out loud in the classroom, or are experiencing tension with their teacher in grasping what is being asked of them. By the time they get home, they may take out their frustration from school toward those at home

Arizona Vision Therapy Center offers Functional Vision testing and specialize in kids - helping them succeed at school and life. You can think of what we do as physical therapy for the eyes and brain. Whether it’s reading and learning challenges, lazy eye, crossed eyes or double vision – Vision Therapy can bring peace back at home and help the kiddos have a much better time learning and having fun at school."

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