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Tucson Saguaros moving from Kino Stadium to Reid Park

Posted at 8:50 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 00:47:44-05

The Tucson Saguaros will move from Kino to Reid Park for 2018, which will serve as their primary location for home games Thursday-Friday-Saturday and Sundays. The field was built by the Colorado Rockies in 1993, when the Major League team held Spring Training in Tucson. Field No. 5 will initially have a capacity to accommodate 1,000 fans, which includes room for 300 fans in private chair seating and 700 in the grand stands. 

Pointing to the costs involved with playing in Kino, which has a fan capacity exceeding 11,000, Pecos League Commissioner, Andrew Dunn, said, "From the first day we moved to Tucson in 2015 almost all supporters recommended the Saguaros to move to Hi Corbett. Hi Corbett was never an option. Reid #5 was built as a mirror of Hi Corbett. We will have locker rooms for home and away players and the City will be responsible for cleanup. Those were the two biggest issues at Kino. Our agreement didn't allow for use of locker rooms at Kino. Kino was the premier facility in our league in 2016 and was a great place to launch the Saguaros."

Dunn claims he cost to play in Kino is more than the other 11 teams combined, and playing one game there cost more than most teams lease for the entire season. A

In August of 2017, Kino publicly released a statement in an attempt to get the Milwaukee Brewers to move Spring Training to Tucson. This move would have included their Arizona Summer League Team which would have displaced the Saguaros. Dunn claims the Saguaros nor the Pecos League were notified of the possibility of the Brewers. 

"We knew Kino was no longer an option. Reid Park was an outside of the box thought process that will allow baseball to stay in Tucson. We researched every possible angle to try to stay in Tucson and Reid Park is the best option."

While Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium is owned by Pima County, Reid Park is owned by the City of Tucson. The agreement between the Saguaros and the City includes locker rooms for both the home and visiting teams, as well as a coach's office. It also provides maintenance and cleanup that Dunn says were major issues of conflict at Kino. 

There will be six games on the schedule in Winslow, Arizona. However, there will be no home games in Bisbee due to the recent archeological project at Warren Ballpark.