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Rawle Alkins to launch "Savage Life" clothing line

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 22:37:41-04

Rawle Alkins first showed us his creativity during the team's slam dunk contest his freshman season when he dunked over the head of head coach Sean Miller.

How, he's using his head. Alkins tweets that he's set to launch his own clothing line called "Savage Life." The former Wildcat basketball player says he's been using the term ever since high school.

"It was my sophomore year playing basketball when we were savages. So, i just said 'savage life.' I hash tagged it on instagram. I love the way it looked."

The phrase picked up steam during his freshman year with the Wildcats, as it was embraced by Lauri Markkanen. 

"Everything possible that you can think of that would be beast mode, or aggressive, you think savage life," added Alkins.

Typically, players who became stars get endorsement deals and have their own sneakers or line within a brand. The Ball family has been trying to break the mold with the 'Big Baller Brand.' It's anyone's guess how 'Savage Life' will do. Unlike an Alkins dunk, it's barely off the ground. But, just as he did during his McKale debut, the charismatic guard isn't afraid to try something new.