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Local runner puts on socially distant race

Posted at 8:42 PM, Sep 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 00:08:30-04

TUCSON, Arizona — Originally designed to donate money to charity, "Everybody Runs, Everybody Walks" is serving Tucson in another way as a safe, public athletic event during COVID-19.

"The passion was to put on a community event," said organizer Steve Landau.

Despite being a good athlete, Landau found himself getting passed in half marathons.

"There had to be an niche for the running event business that is for the every person."

That’s how "Everyone Runs, Everyone Walks" started.

"We’re not a non-profit, but we behave like one."

Landau and his family put on four races a year. Their recent "Run with the Roosters Kinney Road Five Miler" was a socially distant success.

"It was the community of runners that came out that missed running so much that they would do anything to participate by the rules."

One rule included starting just twelve runners at a time. Next up is the Catalina State Park trail events. They will be held virtually and in person, something that can be done with events of just a few hundred people.

"A smaller event where you can send people off in waves and not have a lot of congestion on the course works."