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Josh Pastner remembers his mentor, Lute Olson

Posted at 3:33 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 22:55:19-04

TUCSON, Arizona — "Words can not express my appreciation or my gratitude of how I feel about him," said Josh Pastner.

Lute Olson did more for Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner than anyone ever could.

"He gave me an opportunity to come to the University of Arizona. I was on the team that won the 1997 National Championship. He gave me an opportunity to be an assistant coach at UArizona."

Olson was Pastner’s mentor. But, it wasn’t just what Olson said. It was what he didn’t say.

"He never said a curse word, whether it was to the officials or to the players. But, he demanded the highest level of respect."

Pastner got to say his final goodbye to Olson on Monday.

"I’ve told him every time I see him how I feel about him, but one last time, it gave me peace that he heard what I said again."

"I want to make him really proud, and the best way I can make him really proud is to do the best I can and try to treat the players the right way, just the way he treated his players the right way."