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In the Ring: June 8th

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 23:05:18-04

TUCSON, Arizona — Sports Director Jason Barr and C.J. Holmes talked Arizona Athletics in this week's edition of "In the Ring."

Jason Barr: You were first with it on Twitter that Arizona Basketball's Brandon Williams has been medically cleared to play. He actually retweeted you. Does this mean that he is coming back to the team for next season, or is that not necessarily the case?

C.J. Holmes: Arizona is over the 13-man scholarship limit. Brandon's best bet is to stay put in Tucson. But, that's up to Brandon. We'll have to see how it all plays out.

Jason Barr: Just because they are one over the scholarship limit doesn't mean that he's the one who won't be coming back, even though he hasn't committed to doing so.

C.J. Holmes: Last week, in a virtual news conference, Sean Miller said he thinks it is all going to work out. That leads me to believe he has a plan in the back of his mind. We just don't know. Maybe, an incoming freshman is ineligible for academic reasons or for one reason or another. Maybe, someone else decides to transfer from the program.

Jason Barr: UArizona student-athletes who compete in the fall are going to start coming back to campus, in phases, beginning on June 15th. We've seen some COVID-19 positive tests at Alabama, and your alma mater of Auburn. From a scenario of just probability, do you think we'll be hearing about some UArizona players testing positive for COVID-19 once they start testing?

C.J. Holmes: I think it's inevitable at this point, Jason. There have been some guys who have stayed put here in Tucson. But, a lot of guys are spread out. They've been all over the country. They've been working out at private gyms, and interacting with different people. And now, they are coming back to campus, and inevitably some of these guys are going to be affected.