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"In the Ring:" Arizona Basketball and the sports shutdown

Posted at 6:36 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 21:41:58-04

TUCSON, Arizona — Jason Barr:
Let's start with Arizona Basketball. One five-start recruit goes to ASU while another picks Stanford.
The Wildcats do get graduate transfer Terrell Brown. What's your take on the Wildcats offseason?

C.J. Holmes:
It hasn't been the best. They missed out on Ziaire Williams, and a day later, Josh Christopher commits to ASU becoming the highest ranked recruit in the history of their program. All is not lost. This roster is not done, yet. You have a four-star wing in Dalen Terry coming next year. You have Ben Mathurin coming next year. And, you have a first-team All-WAC in graduate transfer Terrell Brown from the University of Seattle.

Jason Barr:
This morning the FDA approved a saliva test for coronavirus.
Testing needs to be ramped up, but could this be something that gets us back into arenas or stadiums?

C.J. Holmes:
It's promising. Everyone wants good news right now. And, if there is anything that anyone can provide that will kind of start the ball rolling in the right direction, I'm all for it. But, I tell people not to get their hopes up too high. This is still in the preliminary stages. As a sports journalist, I want guys to get back on the field as much as anyone. I'm also for what's best for society.
They talk about playing the Major League Baseball season in Florida and Arizona, and it like it feels like a pipe dream. You're telling me they can relocate all these MLB players for the year to be away from their families and play without fans? It's not that simple. People are still out here dying, and until this virus starts to clear up, I don't think anyone should be playing sports at all.