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Arizona's Jamarye Joiner healthy following foot surgery

Posted at 8:51 PM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 23:51:30-04

TUCSON, Arizona — After starring as a quarterback at Cienega high school, Jamarye Joiner successfully successfully made the switch to being a college wide receiver.

Joiner had the best game of his reshirt freshman season at ASU, catching two touchdown passes on a day in which he had 140 yards receiving.

“You can see how relaxed he was out there in his first season being a receiver for us," said wide receiver Taylor Mazzone. "The impact, the explosive plays he made during that game."

But whenever Joiner went to plant his feet for a catch, he felt something was wrong.

“When you break in cleats and you get that feeling that your feet are hurting, I pretty much had that feeling all season," said Joiner.

After the season, Joiner had his foot looked at by a team trainer.

“I was grimacing when he pushed on it.”

Joiner was diagnosed Jones fracture of his foot and subequently had surgery. He admits he wouldn’t have been ready if the season started on time.

"But if we had a game tomorrow, I’d be ready to go."

Joiner expects to build off his 2019 season. There’s also a possibility we might see him in at quarterback for a few plays in a Wildcat formation.

“I always joke that the arm is still there. I'm ready to go. I put myself in the best position, during the offseason, to get to one hundred percent."