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Amanda Powers leading FC Tucson

Posted at 6:39 PM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 20:54:51-05

TUCSON, Ariz — New FC Tucson president Amanda Powers has a message for fans.

"We were seen as a developmental team by Phoenix last year, but what I am here to say is that's no longer the case," insisted Powers.

A San Diego native, Powers comes to Tucson by way of the New Mexico United, where she helped lead the team in attendance and merchandise sales.

"We got our community to know who the players are, and we are going to be doing the same thing here."

Powers heard a new criticism from longtime fans that the United Soccer League team was no longer Tucson's after it was bought out by Pheonix Rising FC and became its affiliate.

"They (fans) want to feel like this club is for them, and this club is totally Tucson's."

So the team has a new policy. FC Tucson players can still be loaned to and from Phoenix Rising FC, but they can also be loaned to and from other United Soccer League teams. Tucson is not exclusive to Phoenix.

"In order for us to meet the business objectives, we've got to pack the stands. And, the best way to pack the stands is to have a winning team, and that's what we're committed to building this year."

Powers was allowed to double the club's staff. And, she's the second ever female president of a men's professional soccer team.

"If being a woman in soccer is a unique benchmark that can inspire other women, awesome. I just want to leave a mark on a community in a positive way."