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Alex Bowman set to return to the No. 88 car

Posted at 7:57 PM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-09 00:47:33-04

TUCSON, Arizona — Nascar returns to action May 17th at Darlington Raceway. The season was suspended in March due to COVID-19. I spoke with Tucson's Alex Bowman as he gets set to return to the No. 88 car for Hendrick Motorsports.

Jason Barr:
How excited are you to return to the track or is it a cautious optimism with the ongoing pandemic?

Alex Bowman:
I think we're all excited to get back to the race track and driving a real race car instead of the virtual thing. We definitely have to be careful and take everything seriously as far as the safety precautions go. It's going to be quite a bit different when we get back to the track compared to what we are used to. We're not going to be qualifying or practicing. To be one of the first sports back is good for Nascar so we're all ready to go.

Jason Barr:
What extra precautions will you and your team be taking in the garage?

Alex Bowman:
I'll go there and go through a screening process and sit in my bus. Usually, I spend time with the team but there is not going to be any of that. I will be isolated by myself. I'll walk to the race car, get in the race car, do my job, and leave. It's very different than what we have to do but it's what we need to do with the situation that we are all in.