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Sugar Skulls Marcus Coleman to coach against his boss in a pro football first

Posted at 3:23 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 21:41:43-04

TUCSON, Ariz — When Sugar Skulls coach Marcus Coleman looks to the opposing sideline on Saturday, he'll see Arizona Rattlers coach Kevin Guy, who happens to be his boss.

Yes, the opposing coach, Kevn Guy owns the Sugar Skulls.

"It's not a conflict of interest," said Guy. It's not like that. "This isn't Vegas. This is clean fun, and that's how we're going to keep it."

"Kevin and I aren't the kind who won't talk to each other just because we are playing each other," said Coleman. "Some might, but Kevin and I aren't those kind of people."

Coleman will be more concerned with the Rattlers on the field. Quarterback Verlon Reed and Arizona has two blowout wins to start the season. Tucson will counter with Indoor Football League Player of the Week Matt Behrendt.

"We're both 2-0 going into this game," said Behrendt. "It's very exciting. You can control the anticipation around tihs week of practice so it's real fun."

Behrendt knows all about the Rattlers. He was with them in training camp before being released, and then joining the Sugar Skulls.

"Its definitely motivation," added Behrendt. "It's payback a little bit, but it's to show the IFL what we're all about."

So, this Saturday will make it a quaretback going up against the coach who released him, and a coach going up against his current boss.

"It's early, but the players know it's a money game," said Coleman. It has a lot of implications for us."