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Local 'Giving Tree' spreads hope and positivity during the pandemic

Posted at 6:53 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-20 22:06:06-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — It's a special tree with a lot of meaning for one Tucson neighborhood and the people who live there want to spread goodwill to everyone who stops by.

Dianne Bustamante and Erin Peters say they love adding decorations to their favorite tree.

"It is really a good movement that brought the neighborhood together,”Bustamante said

It's actually a giving tree that neighbors put together at Palo Verde Park in Tucson last spring.

“People who stop by will comment they say, oh it's so beautiful and it always makes me smile,” Peters said.

“It really started to bring people in,” Bustamante said

The supersized tree gives visitors a lot more than shade, it's all part of a kindness movement that's spreading all around the world.

“We did it because we wanted to start something because of the pandemic and people didn’t have a lot of hope, there wasn’t a lot for people to look forward to,” Bustamante said.

The tree is a hub for positive thinking. Community members stop by and tie bows on the fencing at the park to spruce up the area.

"People can come by, tie a bow and make a wish,” Bustamante said.

You can bring a gift, or take one. Gifts can include a pocket angel, food, or maybe a decorated rock. The number one goal is to spread joy to the community.

“It's a conversation piece; people come here and say hey "Is this is a memorial" and I explain to them no you can leave something for someone else to find, trade out something for something else. We love this giant beautiful tree it has all of these fun nooks and crannies,” Peters said.

If you ever need a positive pick me up to brighten your day it's at Palo Verde Park and will be for years to come.