Will Tucson students have to wear masks and who will supply them?

Two Southern AZ superintendents weigh in
Posted at 10:31 PM, Jun 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-21 15:37:26-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — The CDC encourages students to wear masks this school year.

Would schools require that and who would supply them? Those are questions education leaders will be answering.

Education is going to look a lot different when school restarts.

Protective masks are now common and could possibly be required in schools.

Sunnyside Superintendent Steve Holmes says the decision is up in the air right now.

"Relative to requiring masks right now, we should, but I think we're going to get a lot of push back over time," said Holmes.

Required or not -- who would supply them?

TUSD Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo has already made a decision on that.

"I'm going to be very straight with all of you right now. Our district will not be able to provide the amount of personal protective equipment to every student -- every day of the school year," said Trujillo.

And here's why -- the district can't afford it.

He says it would cost $1.5 million for one mask -- a week -- for 45,000 students.

Trujillo said, "It's not going to do it, so think getting the conversation started about what kind of personal protective equipment PPE can you start to stock up in house for the upcoming school year."

He's urging parents to buy or make masks over the summer.