Two Tucson favorites come together to bring you "Barrio Charro"

Barrio Bread and El Charro are excited about their new collaboration.
Posted at 6:24 AM, Nov 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 13:55:13-05

Two Tucson favorites are coming together to bring you delicious food. Barrio Bread and El Charro are excited about their new collaboration.

Welcome to Barrio Charro. "I've never collaborated with a partner in this sense," owner of El Charro restaurants, Carlotta Flores said. "We're bringing this to Tucson and it's a small place, but all things start out small."

A new adventure for the entire community. "It's about Tucson. It's about two really community-focused businesses and shared ideals for what we want to do," said Barrio Bread owner Don Guerra.

The pandemic has been challenging and brought on new ideas.

"For instance, a sink in the dining room so our guests can wash their hands when they come in. Being more cautious of what we're doing, so we have as little waste as possible and if we do, that it can be given to others that don't have as much as we might have," Flores said.

COVID-19 shifted Carlotta's idea to this new partnership "In March we had already signed a lease here and as time went on and discussing with all our family, we decided that we needed to try to bring someone that will help energize with us."

Guerra is more than ready to bring his passion and bread. "We're just trying to do the best for our community of working together and as chefs. Even that celebration to bring our products together to have one beautiful expression and you'll see that on the menu."

The menu is a work in progress but it's almost done. "I grew up eating my mom's food you know and eating Sonoran Mexican food and eating Tucson Mexican food. I love corn tortillas, but there's no doubt in Mexican families, in most families, there's some kind of bread on the table," said Carlotta's son, Raymon. He said one day they decided to experiment with don's bread and started incorporating it in El Charro's recipes

"It's sort of a crazy recipe. Marriage made in heaven because you take this amazing artisan bread that's with wheat and flour that comes from our own desert and then you put that together with these 100 year old recipes and you just get great stuff out of it," Raymon said.

Barrio Charro can't wait to merge great food under one roof.

"I could not have found a better person to work with not just out of respect but out of knowledge, out of because were going to have a heck of good time doing it together," Carlotta.

Barrio Charro hopes to open its doors in early December. KGUN 9 will keep you posted.