A bright beginning for Barrio Charro

Barrio Charro is bustling. "Overall, everything looks good," said customer Stephen Shemin.
Posted at 6:45 AM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 08:47:16-05

Barrio Charro is bustling. "Overall, everything looks good," said customer Stephen Shemin.

Looking good and feeling good for the joining of two culinary powerhouses. "It's exciting to open up something at any given time especially after all we've been through last year," said Raymon Flores.

A tough 2020 but a hopeful 2021. Flores and his mom, Chef Carlotta Flores of Si Charro Resturants, teamed up with Barrio Bread owner, Don Guerra, to bring Tucson something new.

"Our family has been enjoying working with Don Guerra. He's such great great person in this community such an icon of food. So much fun to pair the two people together like my mom and him," Flores said.

The big moment is here! Barrio Charro is now open.

"We've moved the opening date several times just based on Covid issues or dealing with what changes were coming," Flores said.

Like the changes you'll find inside. "We are not allowing seating inside right now. We are only doing orders and takeout and you can sit on the patio only for now," Flores said.

Covid also brought on a whole new set of challenges leading up to this point. "Even tasting food was hard because I had to go to another area, pull my mask down, taste the food, come back. Twice as long, twice as much work, but it's been well worth it," Flores said.

Well worth it for customers like Hillary and Stephen Shemin. "Despite all the difficulties of this time with COVID, it's wonderful to see the community can still support a restaurant. That a new restaurant can open," Hillary said.

The food is even bringing back some fond memories. "My dad, way back when, had his business up here on Campbell Avenue, so for me, from having a store here in the 60s and to see the growth in this area is very exciting," Hillary added.

A very exciting time indeed. Just take a look at the menu. Maybe try some pan azteca. "It's our house bread made with barrio grains ,so Don developed the recipe. It's made with his barrio grains and a little bit of corn flour. It's a delicious, all-around good sandwich bread," Flores said.

And besides the food you can get your hands on, the mercardo area sells some top items. "We feature tamales by the half dozen, bulk salsas, loaves of breads. So, when Don sells out every day at Barrio, you'll still be able to get some of his bread here, but come quickly, because it sells quick," Flores said.

Popular food our community loves. That's why Flores says one of their main goals was to make prices affordable.
"We know how hard people are getting hit so our menu is really in that $10 range, trying to get sandwiches out the door that are fresh," Flores said.

Food that Flores hopes will put a smile on your face. "We really love Tucson and and we're glad they will love us back."

A love that will keep the heart and belly full.

To check out Barrio Charro's menu and hours, click here.