Groups help bring supplies to Navajo Nation

Posted at 6:04 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 21:05:31-04

Organizations across Arizona are working to send much needed supplies to the Navajo Nation.

The group "Helping Hands for the Navajo Nation" put out a call for help a few weeks ago, and never imagined how much the community would step up.

They've received thousands of donations, enough to fill seven semi-trucks.

On Wednesday they packed everything up and took the trip up to the Navajo Nation to deliver the items.

"Just to reach out and show them that we care makes a huge impact down the road and just lets them know they're important to us," Bob Candelaria, who helped organize the trip and is CEO of the non-profit Winslow Guidance Associates, said.

The organization American Indigenous Business Leaders is also stepping up to help.

They launched a campaign to raise $150,000 so they can put together care packages for senior tribal members.

The packages incdlue items like food and cleaning supplies.

Jacob Crane is a member of AIBL. He says he's planning to make a trip to Window Rock on Monday.

"They are vulnerable people," he said. "For the native people, they're wisdom keepers and they're also the story tellers, but basically our indigenous libraries and we can't put them at risk."

Crane says if you would like to help donate, go to