Tucson mayor and council member create $1.25 million relief fund for immigrants

Posted at 8:52 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 23:52:18-04

TUSON, Ariz. — More than $1 million has been donated toward financial relief for the Tucson immigrant community. The fund was created to help those who don’t have adequate access to federal aid during the pandemic.

$1.25 million was given to the We Are One/Somos Uno resiliency fund. The money came from anonymous donors and from open society foundations.

“It was important for council member Santa Cruz and I to create a separate relief fund for immigrants, especially because we wanted to fundraise for it,” said Mayor Regina Romero. “We were absolutely super lucky to have and create this interest of investment from outside foundations and private funders to bring into the city of Tucson and put into the pockets of Tucson residents.”

With some federal funds set to expire soon, Romero said the city of Tucson wants to make sure there is still funding available for local immigrants to keep their lives moving.

“Especially the immigrant community because many Tucson residents were left out of CARES Act package, federal funds or state funds. For example, there are refugees that did not receive any federal funds in our community. So we want to make sure those that were left out have the capacity to be able to apply for those funds and use them in this time of great need,” said Romero.

The fund plans to award $600 per individual or $1,200 for families. Romero hopes this will put money into the hands of those who will then put that money to back into the economy.

“I am so enthusiastic and happy about being able to make this $1.25 million accessible for Tucson families that will circulate in our economy,” said Romero.

Sunnyside Foundation is spearheading the program. The information on the application process and eligibility will be available Sept. 1.