Pima JTED creates job board on Facebook in place of cancelled job fair

Posted at 12:33 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 20:23:21-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — Employers are looking for more health care workers in the area.

To assist, Pima JTED has a new job board, as a Facebook page, for healthcare professions to share news of open positions and for students to network. Due to the pandemic, this is in place of its annual job fair.

“What we’re were doing was of course the job fair and then we do have these large communication board, we call them, and we post all these different opportunities, things the are occurring in the healthcare arena to keep them interested and engaged. So now we have a Facebook page that is kind of replacing that. It’s really at the infancy stages,” said Beth Francis, RN and program health care manager at Pima JTED.

The Facebook job board launched this week, and with the big annual job fair canceled JTED hopes to bring in many job seekers and employers to this page.

“We thought about, with COVID and not being able to have the job fair, and not having students be able to stand in front of a large bulletin board with these job listings, that this is a way to keep up with this and use technology to our advantage,” said Greg D’Anna, the district spokesperson for Pima JTED.

They say health care providers are consistently looking for more employees and student workers or interns.

“We as a healthcare force continue to have a demand in the community and within many healthcare arenas: acute, long term, assisted living. And so the programs of which we provide to our students we try to illicit what is needed in our healthcare community,” said Francis.

JTED is known to be a huge pipeline for providing prepared individuals, ready to work once they graduate.

“The job market for nurses is very tight. And even with COVID-19, we still have quite a few young people who are still enthusiastic about joining the profession. They’re not scared, they are determined to serve people. But we also have employers who resources have been stretched thin,” said D’Anna.