Goodwill of Southern Arizona is taking donations during the pandemic

How the non-profit is keeping workers and the public safe
Posted at 9:49 AM, Jul 08, 2020
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TUCSON, Ariz. — 
Goodwill of Southern Arizona has been taking donations throughout the pandemic and they’re continuing to do what they can to help the community.

Alex Vigil-Emerson with Goodwill says new donations are up and come in daily and workers are ready to take them in. On top of that, staying safe from COVID-19 is priority number one. Stores have added directional arrows on the floors for social distancing, plexiglass shields and a lot more.

“We’re require masks and social distancing with our donation process we’re having people put their donations on a cart to maintain social distancing. We’re disinfecting the carts after each use and we’re regularly disinfecting common surfaces,” Vigil-Emerson said.

Vigil-Emerson also says the donations are up because people are clearing out their homes.

“People have been using their time in quarantine to help clean out their closets and putting items to good use,”

Goodwill recently partnered with The Pima County Health Department for a good cause. Employees are collecting PPE and disinfecting supplies for healthcare workers the stores are also accepting crates and pet supplies for PACC.

If you prefer to shop from home you can also buy online on, Ebay and Amazon where they sell used books and other items. The money goes to support outreach programs like youth mentoring, education, employment and adult re-entry initiatives to help during the pandemic. So far there are 12 programs in place to help the community. If you want to make a donation all of the Tucson locations are open.

Managers also say it’s a good idea to put your donations in smaller bundles and bags before you stop by.

“Have them dropped off and transferred without too much contact it also helps us sort it and keep it safe,” Vigil-Emerson said.

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