Business transitions after seeing demand in disinfectant services

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Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 00:43:30-05

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Almost a year into fighting COVID-19 in Arizona and throughout this time people have been going the extra mile to find new ways to slow the spread.

Inside of local businesses and homes, you’ll find the Germ Evictors team working to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“These disinfectants are also killing the common cold [and] the flu virus. So, it's not just the Coronavirus, It's going to kind of add protection for all these diseases and viruses that you don't want in your home or you don't want in your business," explained Robert Zuniga, owner.

Zuniga started Germ Evictors after he noticed questions were pouring into his pest control company, Mosquitoes Flight of Tucson about what his customers could do to protect them from the virus.

“We were able to kind of transition and offer something to our customers and being able to help people in the community, it kind of just exploded where you know other people were seeking us to help them as well,” he said.

Since then, Zuniga said his business has serviced hundreds in the Tucson community.

He explained the service is a two-part process that begins with an electrostatic sprayer.

“What it does is, as the particles the disinfectants and antimicrobial that we use as they come out of the gun and adds an electrical charge to those to those particles," he explained.

Then comes the disinfectant, that he said, is on the EPA's list of chemicals that kill COVID-19. After, they go around a second time with the microbial.

Zuniga said they are seeing two types of customers those who are concerned and taking preventative steps to fall in line with the health department’s recommendations and those who have battled the virus and want to make sure the germs are gone — but he wants to make it clear that they can’t guarantee you’re not going to have germs in your environment.

“We're upfront. We do our best to protect you. But, in any scenarios, someone could come in and if they're sick and [it's an] airborne. There's really unfortunate nothing that we can do to stop, the virus, but we can certainly help protect the surfaces that are in your home,” said Zuniga.

KGUN9 checked in with University of Arizona Virologist Dr. Felicia Goodrum said cleaning surfaces can help but like Zuniga explained the virus is airborne.

"This virus is predominantly and overwhelmingly spread by person to person contact,” explained Dr. Goodrum.

She added it's even more important to social distance and wear a mask.