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Tucson dealership leaves veteran paying for vehicle she never received

Dealership has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau
Posted: 8:03 AM, Oct 12, 2022
Updated: 2022-10-12 22:46:51-04
Tucson Used Auto Sales

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A disabled veteran says she's been paying for a van she purchased from a dealership back in May but still hasn't received the vehicle yet.

KGUN 9 looked into her claim, as well as a claim by another veteran who had other issues with the Tucson used car dealer.

After filing a formal complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, disabled veteran Emily Landsverk is still without her van and paying $422 a month.

The dealership Gear6 Motorsports told Landsverk they were going to make repairs to her vehicle before giving her the keys. Those repairs have turned into months of waiting, only to be told they can't repair it.

Investigating Tucson Used Auto Sales dealership

"They've placed me like on another level and put me in like a horrible position," Landsverk said.

Landsverk says she had planned on living in the van and since she never got it, she's been homeless.

"But at the same time I shouldn't have been forced for four months to have to live that way when I should have had my van — which is my home," Landsverk said.

The owner, Dur Saleh, of Tucson Used Auto Sales, located at 3619 N 1st Avenue and Gear 6 Motorsports located at 300 W Grant, gave us a statement regarding these incidents. He says in part that they "lost sight of the true meaning of customer service" and since have hired a new general manager.

Why wasn't the company able to make the fix and why did it take so long?

"So I've already found the part they've been telling me for five months that the part hasn't come," Landsverk said. " The first one didn't work. They went and picked up the van from this dealership that was telling me what was going on and beyond that it's a sensor so you don't know what else is wrong with it. So I feel like it's also being delayed because they don't want to disclose what else is wrong."

Landsverk was told in an email that the dealership couldn't fix her van but instead offered to take it somewhere of her choosing to get the repairs done and that they would pay for it.

After going to both dealerships and leaving several messages the new general manager said he'd speak to us about how they were planning on solving Landsverk's problem and would only go on camera to tell me how they would do better in the future.

"We have implemented many new procedures to change our policy and the way that we're handling customers and vehicles prior to the customers coming to the lot," said Steve Garcia, General Manager at Tucson Used Auto Sales.

Unfortunately, Landsverk isn't alone in her complaint against the Tucson auto dealer. Veteran Sandra Barger says she spent around $7,000 on repairs for a Jeep she bought from Tucson Used Auto Sales and was never reimbursed.

"That was not done from them. I took care of that. And they said they were going to reimburse me," Barger said. "I have not gotten reimbursed and that was in April 21. And here we're now in 22."

We asked the general manager about Barger's complaint. Garcia said since we interviewed Barger they have agreed to pay her a settlement of $3,000 by the end of October.

Why the miscommunication?

After sitting down with Garcia, he told me salesmen were answering calls but when getting complaints they just blatantly ignored them. On top of that Garcia says their computer database had a glitch deleting some of their data on vehicles sold.

"Employees have disappeared," Barger said. "They don't work there no more. So when I call over there, they're like, oh, he's not here anymore. So it's kind of like pass the buck."

While both veterans problems haven't been resolved yet. KGUN 9 plans to follow up with them and provide an update on what happens.

Be a prepared shopper and know your rights

We looked on the Better Business Bureau's website and Tucson Used Auto Sales has an "F" rating with 6 complaints filed in the last year.

Tucson Used Auto Sales received F rating by Better Business Bureau

If you are looking to buy a car from a dealership, the Attorney General's office says to look up your vehicle's history, do your homework and know your rights. If you believe a warranty claim with your vehicle has been unfairly denied, file a complaint with the Attorney General's office.

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