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The dangers of running red lights

Operation Safe Roads
Posted at 6:17 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 17:44:24-04

In our latest Operation Safe Roads Report, KGUN 9 looked into the dangers of running red lights.

"As a motorcyclist, yes, I am really concerned when I'm on the road. Running red lights is especially a danger, especially the way people plow through these things now," Fogel.

Jeffrey Fogel has lived in Tucson for the past 14 years and has seen his fair share of close calls with vehicles running red lights and nearly crashing into him. He says people running red lights is happening much more often.

"Now its gotten to the point where I see people plowing through an intersection more than a second, sometimes two seconds, after the light has turned red. They're not even in the intersection yet," said Fogel.

"If you see a light change yellow, and you have to punch the gas to get through it, don't do it," said Sergeant Pete Dugan with TPD. Police say its mainly people who are going over the speed limit, who are not paying attention. A red light ticket violation in Tucson costs $337.

"The price seems to not be high enough for people who are in a hurry, who seem to be running red lights,'" said Fogel.

Motorists can take action. Like Fogel, if you see a reoccurring problem, police say contact your nearest substation and report it. This helps motor officers decide where they need to keep watch.


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