One person is killed on Arizona roads every nine hours. Deadly crashes are up 36 percent in two years and 13 to 20 percent of traffic fatalities are pedestrians. KGUN 9 is committed to making our roads a safer place to travel on foot, on bikes, and in our vehicles and we welcome your input. Send your issues and concerns about the safety of our roadways to or call 520-290-7690.

Pedestrian crashes in Arizona: See 1,400+ incidents across state in 2017

The state saw a small increase in pedestrian-involved crashes and deaths in 2017 as compared to the previous year.

Data from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows 1,475 total pedestrian crashes in the state. Almost half of them -- 718 crashes -- occurred outside of an intersection.

A total of 324 were classified as hit-and-runs.

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Two hundred sixteen people died in pedestrian-involved crashes in 2017, compared to 189 fatalities in 2016.

Arizona was named the deadliest state for pedestrians in a recent study by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

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Click on each point in the map below to see detailed information about each pedestrian-involved in Arizona in 2017. Points in red indicate that the crash occurred at an intersection.

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