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Intersection safer after trimming

TDOT responds to visibility issues

TUCSON, Ariz. - A Tucson intersection is safer now.  In an effort to keep our roads safe, as we focus on Operation Safe Roads. 

Tucson's Department of Transportation trimmed back plants that made it hard for drivers to see oncoming traffic.
A KGUN9 viewer asked us to look into tall plants at the intersection of Country Club and Elvira.
The plants did make it hard to see northbound traffic on Country Club.
When KGUN9 let TDOT know about the issue, they assigned it to a supervisor and one of the city's rapid response teams.
Now, after some trimming, it's easier to pull out safely. 

For emergency traffic safety matters call 911. If you want to tell TDOT about a street hazard you can email at You can also call (520) 791-3154 from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. After normal working hours or on weekends call (520) 791-4144.

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