Ensuring assisted living residents can vote

Pima Recorder urging relatives to help
Posted at 7:57 PM, Sep 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-18 17:23:30-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — COVID precautions can make it harder for people to vote if they’re in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez is urging relatives of people in those facilities to make sure they’re registered to vote---and make sure they’re able to receive vote by mail ballots.

Rodriguez says before COVID led to access restrictions, teams from her office were able to visit facilities and make sure residents were registered and getting mail ballots.

“So now what we're saying, okay, loved ones step up, if you're calling them talking to them, ask them the question, you know, can they log on to the website and check to see if they're registered to vote with pertinent information or they can call us.”

Rodriguez says with the registration deadline less than a month away, now is the time to check with the assisted living facility and with the Recorder’s Office to make sure relatives or friends will be able to vote in November.