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Dedicated Trump fans line up for Phoenix rally

Some camped overnight to be sure of a seat
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Posted at 12:54 PM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-20 09:18:47-05

PHOENIX - There have been plenty of dedicated fans waiting outside in the sun to be sure they get into the Phoenix Trump rally tonight.

Some of the Trump fans waited outside overnight to be sure they would be able to get a seat inside. All of them say the effort is worth it to see the man they admire and to soak up the energy of a Trump rally.

Jody McClure was visiting from Washington State when she learned she’d have a chance to see the President.

“It’s awesome to come see him in person; just the activity and all the fun and excitement and just be around other people that love Trump. There’s just nothing like it; nothing like a Trump rally.”

People in line say they feel like Trump keeps his promises and that he’s made the economy stronger.

Jonathan Joyal is working in Mesa but lives in Tucson.

He says, “This is an exciting time, such an exciting time and I’m gonna remember this forever. This is the best President in my lifetime. I’m just a big fan, a big supporter and I love this country.

His friend Damian Olsen agrees: “Like he said, it’s an exciting time and we want to show our support and we want to make sure that the President they know that the president has the support he has that they claim that he doesn’t. See all know it. It’s always a good time. It’s electrifying and people are in good company.”

Julie Meyers is from Illinois, visiting relatives in Scottsdale. She says, “We love President Trump. He stands for all the values that we love so much in America. Actually deplorable, redneck, idiot farmer is not true at all. We’re very loving people and inclusive and we just wasn’t to cheer him on.”

Lisa Cutlam brought a group up from Tucson. She knows she could search the rally on TV or on-line but would not miss this experience in person.

“And I love they people. It’s fun to be in line with everybody—— and I like where the country’s going, the direction.”