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Woman meets Tucson Firefighters who saved her life

Posted at 12:15 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 21:09:25-04

Norma Trujillo-Santos nearly died trying to help a stranger.  Today she’s no longer a stranger to the men who saved her life.

On April 19, she was trying to push a stalled car out of the road near Campbell and Irvington.

Another car hit her. 

Police ruled the driver was not at fault.

She wanted to meet and thank the firefighters who kept her alive while they rushed her to the hospital.

And now, at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute, it's happened.

She does not remember the accident or what the firefighters did, just the moment she opened her eyes in the hospital, saw her husband and her family, felt their support, but did not feel her legs.

"So I said where are my legs, and he said 'I got to tell you something'. So by then he was explaining, 'you got in a really bad accident they had to amputate you to save your life and right away I was like, 'I'm here, talking to you, That's my life. I got my second chance."

Chris Clegg with the Tucson Fire Department said, "I mean, this is one of those calls when we showed up, it was like, this is not gonna end well. And nobody thought it was gonna end up like this so this is a true miracle. 

But then Capt. Ray Dashiell with the Tucson Fire Department said, "We didn't give up on her. We knew she was a fighter cause we could tell."

Now Norma's fighting spirit helps her stay strong through her rehab. She been told she's a good candidate for new legs to help her walk again.

"If I have that much will and strength to get through this tragedy that I've gone through I know anybody has it inside them to get through this also."