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Wind makes for dusty, dangerous drives

Dust cuts visibility
Posted at 5:23 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 23:53:15-04

TUCSON, Ariz. - Strong winds were blowing in trouble for Arizona drivers Thursday.

Near the town of Maricopa the wind blew up a brown-out that brought traffic down to stop and go.

In past years low visibility's led to chain reaction wrecks---and deaths.

The Arizona Department of Transportation warns drivers and is building on dust detection gear to automatically trigger the warnings.

ADOT says if you're in thick dust, pull off and stop. Turn off your lights and flashers and keep your foot off the brake. Otherwise, drivers might follow your lights and hit you.
People used to Arizona driving know when the wind blows up they should steer clear of certain spots.

Carolyn Edwards says, "We saw (KGUN9 Meteorologist) Erin (Christiansen) last night and we knew she recommended not using I-10 but since we were not going out east of the Willcox Playa and not going north of Tucson just to Tucson for a doctor's visit, we didn't expect any dust and we haven't had any dust."
The wind gets extra grip on the broad sides of big rigs. At the Triple T Truck Stop, when truckers shoot the breeze at the barber shop they're talking about wind.

Grace Keating talks to plenty of truckers as she cuts hair at the Triple-T’s Beuford's Barber Shop: "When the wind kicks up then tend to come in and wait it out and this morning I had a guy in here an hour and a half that was heading eastbound and he was just sitting, waiting"
But she says truckers don't always have time to wait, so they have to head out and just watch for the wind.