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What could Federal shutdown mean to you?

Social Security, mail service are NOT affected
Posted at 7:18 PM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 21:29:37-05

TUCSON, Ariz. - President Trump has been digging in, to build a wall--promising a partial government shutdown if Congress does not cough up five billion dollars for border wall construction.

But what will a shutdown mean to most of us?

Federal workers like Border Patrol will keep working because they're regarded as essential for public safety.

The same goes for workers like TSA inspectors, and the FAA air traffic controllers who keep air traffic safe.

But they will be working without pay because the political showdown means Congress has not authorized the money to pay them

Federal workers classed as non-essential will be sent home without pay.

In past shutdowns Federal workers did get paid retroactively but Congress would have to agree to that.

Some agencies won't be affected at all, because Congress approved money for them before the impasse.

Pima Council on Aging President Mark Clark says they've been getting a lot of worried calls asking if a shutdown will stop payments from Social Security or Medicare.

He says don't worry, the money will keep coming because it's from special funds not affected by the dispute.

He says, some other important programs are safe too.

“So we're the Meals on Wheels program, we're serving home delivered meals to more than 800 older adults; those services and our senior lunch program where we're serving lunch five days a week and 13 senior and recreation sites throughout the county. Those services are already paid for in that already approved federal budget. So they'll continue."

Mail would be delivered as usual because the Post Office does not run on money from Congress. It runs on the money you pay for its services.

A shutdown would affect some of your holiday recreation. Places like Saguaro National Park would not have the usual staff to clear trash or clean restrooms, or to guide you through the park.