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Weekend monsoon leaves behind damage across town

Posted at 5:21 PM, Aug 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-01 20:39:14-04

We had a wild weekend of weather and the work week may bring us more of the same.

Heavy rains and wind made driving dangerous.
Residents woke up to trees knocked down.

Tucson Electric crews had to take on power poles knocked down.

Camino De La Tierra is a good example of how a flash flood can hit hard, then become a flash un-flood in a matter of hours, or sometimes minutes.

But the trouble's not over when the water drains down.

There's often sand left behind still soft enough to trap you and your car.

This Pima County Department of Transportation has been working the Corona De Tucson area getting sand out of the road.

It's a job they'll repeat again and again as long as the storms keep coming.

The storms took a toll on trees around Rita Ranch.

The force of the storm, combined with ground soft and saturated, helped roots let go under pressure.  

The storm was strong enough to snap stout power poles too and Tucson Electric crews went to work doing something they'll do many more times before monsoon is over, putting back up, what nature knocked down.

All of this gets more dangerous when the storms hit after dark.

You can be in high water before you see it and be at more risk from falling branches and blowing debris.