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UArizona graduation looks different for 2021 grads

UArizona graduation looks different for 2021 grads
UArizona graduation
Posted at 9:49 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 12:37:22-04

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A first of its kind graduation at the University of Arizona.

Eight days days, 16 ceremonies, and about 7,000 graduates.

That’s what UArizona is doing to make sure graduation is safe and accessible for students and their families.

“I would have never thought in a million years that this is what the end of my college experience would look like, said Brennen Feder.

Feder is officially a 2021 graduate from the University of Arizona. He is also a Robie Gold Medal recipient, and a third generation Wildcat.

“I actually have both my father and grandfather here in attendance today, which means the world to me. They’re up on the stadium with masks on of course,” he told KGUN 9.

Arizona Stadium was looking a little different for grads on Tuesday.

Soon to be graduates are seated six-feet apart, all spread out across the entire field at the stadium.

There were about 260 students and around 600 of their guests inside the stadium for the honors graduation.

Heather Lukach, Assistant Vice President of Presidential Events and University Ceremonies, spearheaded the graduation event effort. She says, traditionally, the stadium is packed.

“We would actually see about 4,500 students on the field and about 35,000 of their closest family members and guests in the stadium,” she told KGUN9.

However, they adapted and overcame, separating the ceremonies per college and making it possible for families to come and celebrate their loved ones.

“I love him. What’s more important is the graduation, but...he’s my boy,” said Jerry Feder, Brennen’s grandpa.

“His accomplishments over the last four years...unbelievable. Clearly must take after his mom and not me,” added Bradley Feder, Brennen’s dad.

Feder’s mom is also a Wildcat and his sister is currently a sophomore at UArizona.

“So we’re a big UofA family,” said Bradley Feder.

Truly a family that is proud to be cheering on their newest Wildcat grad.

“I’m heading to Seattle a month after graduation to start my career with Procter & Gamble to work on the Amazon account team,” said Brennen Feder.

Guests and students must fill out the Wildcat well-check and wear masks in order to attend graduation ceremonies.

All events will be streamed online for those who cannot attend.

“It’s a culmination of their experience here and it’s also the start of a new journey for them. And, you know, wherever they go after, they’re going to be Wildcats for life,” said Lukach.

“Stay strong, Bear Down always, congratulations on everything and can;t wait to hear you change the world,” added Brennen Feder.

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